We handle everything from legislative crises to your day-to-day policy needs. 

Our strategy is simple—be ready for anything. By educating targeted policy leaders and positioning your organization as an ally in the legislature and administration, we ensure that Virginia’s public officials work cooperatively with you when opportunities and challenges arise in the Commonwealth. Our clients serve as trusted resources to policy makers and as key stakeholders in developing policies that affect their industries. We use a combination of tools to help shape a multi-faceted government relations program for you.

We are nimble, accessible and always available. Each of us takes a collaborative and pragmatic approach, driven by a passion to serve you and help you achieve your goals.


Representation and Advocacy

Because of our relationships with legislators, members of the administration and lobbying colleagues, we are well positioned to spot potential legislative, regulatory, and repetitional issues that could be favorable or detrimental to your organization. 

Government Affairs Program Management

We will help you create and maintain a robust government affairs program to complement your legislative, regulatory and executive branch efforts. 

Communications and Media

Whether it is up-to-the-minute feedback from the halls of the General Assembly or formal presentations to your organization’s leadership, we provide the information you need to make informed decisions to drive a government relations and business strategy. 

Political Action

A political action committee is a great asset to an advocacy program and helps you build relationships with key policy makers. We help you make educated electoral cycle decisions to use this tool effectively in implementing your legislative goals.